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‘Lunch with Lepper’ event connects students with new president


A “Lunch With Lepper” event took place on Tuesday, March 15 in hopes of acquainting more students with the new Grand Rapids Community College president, Charles Lepper. The event was held on the fourth floor Raleigh J. Finkelstein hall and served a macaroni and cheese bar as well as cookies and drinks. 

The event’s atmosphere was relaxed and casual with Lepper talking to and taking photos with students as they ate their lunch. Several faculty members, Student Life staff and the President of Student Government, Alex Miranda also attended the lunch while handing out GRCC swag and taking polaroid photos.

Ashley Fox, the assistant director of Student Life and Conduct, said the event was  “really just kind of a social way to get people together to meet the president. We’ve got Student Life and the President’s Office co-sponsoring this event with Campus Activities Board support. Student Alliance, which is our student governing body, their support and then our full staff is here.”

While some students were drawn to an opportunity to meet the president, others stopped by just to hangout. GRCC student Josie Thompson attended the event in between her classes saying her purpose for attending was, “food and to see all my classmates outside of class.”  

Regarding his goals for the event, Lepper said, ”To meet students! You know, that’s why we’re here. So I’ve enjoyed meeting them and hearing their stories and their goals and their dreams. That’s invigorating to me, exciting to me. That’s part of what we do.” 

The event went on for two hours before wrapping up. A similar event is expected to be held once a semester according to Student Life.


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