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Lina Blair is named the Dean of Student Life at Ferris State University

(Blace Carpenter/The Collegiate)

The Grand Rapids Community College Director of Student Life and Conduct, Lina Blair, is leaving to become the new Dean of Student Life at Ferris State University. Blair has worked at GRCC for the past seven years, advocating for students and helping to connect them with resources and opportunities to be successful.

“The Dean of Students role is one that is very similar to my role here,” Blair said. “That is advocating for students, getting their input on things that have an impact on them and providing oversight to many different areas of the institution that impact students’ lives outside the classroom.”

Blair graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a Master of Science in training and development. During their time at NMU, they worked as a residential director before moving into a position at the Academic and Career Advisement Center. They also worked as the assistant dean of students at NMU, where they started a new program to help assist first-generation students. They worked at NMU for over 10 years.

During the past seven years, Blair has worked in several different departments at GRCC. They serve as the primary Student Code of Conduct Officer, Chair of the Behavioral Intervention Team and one of GRCC’s Title IX Deputy Coordinators. They supervise the Student Life and Conduct staff as well. 

“I’ve learned so much, and I’ve grown so much professionally and personally,” Blair said. “I’ve been here for seven years and it went by really fast. It’s just been a really great experience. 

GRCC hosted a “See you later” party on Thursday, July 6, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students were able to attend and have some root beer while bidding farewell to Blair before they start their new position at FSU. 

Raynard Ross, the Associate Dean of Student Success, will be providing additional oversight and support to the Student Life department while GRCC searches for a new director. Blair will assume their new role at FSU on July 11.

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