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Student Government discusses pool renovation, student rec room ideas, and pass allocation requests for ART club

Student Government meets with students at town hall meeting on Oct. 2 (Kevin Lopez/The Collegiate)

On Oct. 2, the Grand Rapids Community College Student Government held their bi-weekly town hall meeting where they discussed pool renovations, a possible student rec room and allocation requests.

Once again more than a dozen students showed up, along with a few members representing the clubs on campus including the art and chess clubs.

The meeting began with some updates from Student Government President Alex Miranda, who updated those in attendance that he spoke at the most recent GRCC Board of Trustees meeting. He also shared that he is in talks with President Charles Lepper and the Rapid about providing a more convenient public transit system for GRCC.

The student government leaders also announced that Miranda and Vice President Michael Zazzo will be traveling to Washington D.C. for the American Student Government Conference to learn about professional development, networking, and mentoring on how to improve as an organization that was allocated $1,500 for the trip.

Later on, they opened the floor for discussion about several topics including GRCC’s  pool renovation and what students would want to do with that space. Student leaders also discussed ideas about a possible student rec room, and if student art should be displayed in the Student Center. They also discussed questions for Lepper who will be attending the next town hall meeting on Oct. 16.

The people in the audience had a lot to say in regard to the idea of turning the renovation of the pool into a space for students to do athletic activities such as an open gym for students, indoor soccer and a space to use for clubs such as the yoga club and dance clubs. As far as student rec room ideas, there were recommendations such as adding a pool table, ping pong tables and an area for students to play games.

Student Government proceeded to discuss an allocation request of $959.64 from the ARTS club that was titled “overall ARTS expenses” that included future projects, supplies, and club improvements.

Spencer Caldwell, 25 from New York,  was there representing the ARTS club and explained the allocation request.

“Most of the allocation requests go towards larger projects such as murals,” Caldwell said. “Another one would be for what we are calling the ‘The Grand Rapids Adventure Quest’ which is a scavenger hunt throughout the campus for students to engage in and add some adventure for everyday life for students. Another large project we have is a Halloween party, which is for members and non-members and will add to the relaxing atmosphere on campus and give students a chance to socialize.”

It was important for Zazzo to note that they would often never publicly discuss an allocation request that is under a thousand dollars, but for transparency they decided to do so and then all three members voted to pass the request.

Caldwell was very grateful that the Student Government approved their allocation request,giving them opportunities to create for the campus.

“It feels awesome and I’m super grateful to the Student Government. Honestly I wasn’t sure it would get approved,” Caldwell said. “I’m very excited to be contributing to some new projects around campus to add some life and color to the school and bring students together.”

GRCC President Lepper is scheduled to meet at the next town hall meeting and Miranda explained how they’ll get more students to attend.

“We plan on word of mouth to spread the event,” Miranda said. “We want to set up a pop up soon, but it’s really word of mouth, social media, and RaiderConnect.”

The next bi-weekly meeting will take place on Monday, Oct. 16 at Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall room 108/109 and President Lepper will be attending the meeting from noon – 2 p.m.

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