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Faculty issue needs to be addressed


Grand Rapids Community College continues to push the numbers of adjunct to full-time faculty taught credit hours to levels of complete imbalance.

With a goal of having 60 percent of credit hours taught by full-time faculty to 40 percent of credit hours taught by adjunct faculty, the numbers have continued to go in the wrong direction. One of the leading reasons behind these numbers according to President Steven Ender is the rapid increase in students.

The other reason is the amount of money GRCC has been taking in. While the tough economy has affected the school in many ways, the school is simply not getting the money it needs.

President Ender made this clear when he said, “There is no way money is saved with benefits and incentives for full-time faculty compared to adjunct costs down the line.”

While the school may not save money down the line, we are a school who’s goal is to teach and help the students to succeed. If that means paying full-time faculty to ensure that students are getting the proper teaching, then it’s time for the school to make the changes necessary.

Janice Balyeat, head of the English department said, “It boils down to consistency. An important quality that full-time faculty brings is consistency. As the school continues to hire adjunct faculty, it’s losing that consistency across the board.”

Consistency is a major factor when it comes to education. Every student that graduates from GRCC should have the same base of knowledge that correctly prepares them for the next level.

If GRCC isn’t willing to provide students with the proper tools to succeed in life, then what is the point of providing students a place to learn? GRCC needs to be willing to sacrifice what it needs to in order to give the student body the proper education it deserves.

It is time to hire the full-time faculty needed to provide the base and consistency students deserve, no matter the cost.

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