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Financial Aid for those in need


While some students may come to GRCC with less than substantial funding, financial aid has been made openly available to all students who qualify.
A small group however, has found a flaw with the financial aid system. Some students have now found a way to pocket their financial aid money without finishing the classes it was supposed to pay for.

While there is very little that the school can do to catch individuals who do this, it is a problem that is costing the school thousands of dollars a year.
Consider this, what you are doing is wrong. You are abusing the system to gain a profit at the expense of the school.

Not only are you setting the school back financially, you are also pocketing money that could go to someone who could actually use it.

In a time when the economy is already hurting the school, why is it that students feel they need to worsen the problem even more?

With GRCC losing thousands of dollars a year, there is definitely reason to be concerned. However, turn the attention away from the school and back to the students.

Not all students have the means to pay for a college education and if you are one of those students who is stealing financial aid money, maybe you should think about those who won’t be able to attend school because of you.

GRCC is a school based on principles of integrity and honestly. Those of you who have done this injustice lack integrity and are dishonest. You are just as guilty as any other criminal.

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  1. I recently read the opinion article titled “Financial Aid for those in need” in this months issue. As a student who has used the FACT payment plan to pay for tuition through working a part time job on top of school I was honestly appalled that students are doing this. Financial aid is something that helps students in many ways each and every day and should not under any circumstances be abused. I appreciated the way the writer of this particular article imposed their opinion. The fifth paragraph of this article hit home in a large way due to the fact that I come from a household without a whole lot of money. I appreciate that you guys aren’t afraid to publish your opinion in such a strong matter in regards to a topic this disturbing. I’ll continue to read and appreciate the work you do.

    Cullen Menke


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