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Students need to learn how to use the elevators here at GRCC


John Verzi
Student Writer

Too many times while down at Winchester Alley, I see able-bodied students being too lazy to take the elevator up to Level 1 or Level 2. Are students so lazy now that they can not walk up one flight of stairs?

I understand if you are going from Winchester Alley up to the fourth or fifth Floor.  Students that are only going up or down one or two floors need to learn how to use the stairs so those with crutches, canes, wheelchairs, and those that really need to go up to the fourth or fifth floor, have room on the elevators. My wife uses a cane and is able to go up and down one flight of stirs without using the elevator, why can’t others?

Another issue with the elevators in the main building, other than that they are really slow, is that too many students have not learned how to read symbols even though they are in college.

For example, if you are on the second floor and push the down elevator button and someone else pushes the up elevator button, there are lights on the corner of the wall that point to the elevator that is opening and the light even shows whether it is going up or down. Please don’t get on an elevator that is going down if you are going up.

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