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First ever Rap War erupts inside the Raider Grille


By Abigail Shantz
Collegiate Staff Writer

“When I wake up, I know I got it, I feel stardom in my bones. Yeah, I know I got it!” said Ebony Jeter, also known as Envy, a sophomore at Grand Rapids Community College and future contestant in the upcoming Rap War. Those few words are just a preview of one of her favorite songs she wrote.

On September 28th from 3:15pm to 6:15pm in the Raider Grille the Black Student Union will be hosting Rap War I. This is an event where students from Grand Rapids Community college can come and compete against one another in a rap battle. Also, the contestants have a chance to win $250.00!

The Black Student Union’s purpose to the Rap War I is “allowing GRCC performers the opportunity to engage in self-expression, critical thinking and assertiveness.” said Andre Fields, the advisor of Black Student Union. “Rap War I will serve as an awesome platform for BSU members to advance their social, educational and professional development. By organizing, marketing and managing events such as Rap War I”

Envy is ready for this battle and this will not be the first time she has performed in front of a live audience.   She performs and hosts shows all around Grand Rapids presenting her vocal talents.  To Envy, rapping is a way of figuring out life and her inner self.  Most of her songs are based on communicating to herself and others about her dreams, accomplishments, and goals.

Envy is a sophomore at Grand Rapids Community college.  She is 20 years old and has a dream of becoming a rapper. She graduated from Grand Rapids Central High School in 2009.

She started her dream when she was 12 years old messing around with her best friend and brother videotaping a rap video.  The video spread across her school and she was known as a great rapper from then on “it was shocking and beautiful that so many people cherished my talent.” Envy Said.

Envy’s main goal in her career is become a business owner of a music company where inspiring musicians can go to and fulfill their hopes and dreams and create a route to succeed.

Come out and support local rap stars September 28th in the Raider Grille. Also make sure to check out the school website for pictures, a review of the show, and the battle winner.

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