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New Restaurants, New Flavors, New Food


By Mercedes DeJesus
Collegiate Staff Writer

The school year has begun and already people are forking out money for food on campus. But when vending machine snacks and the Raider Grille don’t suffice, take a stroll to one of the many restaurants we have surrounding the Grand Rapids Community College campus.

After surveying a selection of forty five GRCC students on campus, there were three places that were said to be the most popular places to eat at; Jimmy John’s, Subway and The Dog Pit. If a sub sandwich sounds like a meal, then GRCC student, Elyssa Snow, suggests Jimmy John’s is the place to be.  “It’s good, fast, and it doesn’t take a whole bunch of conversing like Subway does.”  However another student, Oliver Yared, states that “ Subway is a great place to go if you’re looking for a close and cheap place to hangout and eat. It’s a place that lets you customize what you want and how you want it too.”  All of these restaurants’ prices vary between $2-$10.

But if you’re looking for some inventive variety of drinks and a unique selection of lunch and dinner menus, try heading just off campus to some of these great spots to eat.

The CitySen Lounge, located on the main floor of the New City Flats Hotel on Monroe Center, is a great  new spot for coffee lovers.  CitySen Lounge even serves coffee 24 hours a day.

Only feet from our GRCC Science building is a restaurant called Smash Burger.

From an all American burger to a Baja burger with sides and salads to add, Smash Burger is a convenient and cheap place to hangout and grab a bite to eat.

Downtown is full of older and historical restaurants too, such as, The Cottage Bar. Although it’s said to be downtown’s oldest operating bar and restaurant, it’s famous for the city’s best burgers and three different styles of chili.

Also, there is the recently built Big O’ Café located on Ottawa Avenue just minutes from GRCC campus. “They have great tasting pizza and a nice selection of salads,” says Leanna Morris, GRCC Student. “It’s a cheap place to go that’s not far from the schools’ campus.”

So, if a sub sandwich or hot dog doesn’t spark your interest and you have the time, then take a walk downtown to grab a bite to eat at one of the new places (or old) that surround GRCC, listed above. You never know what you’ll find.

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