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Dirty Hippie opens on S. Division


By Emily Purwin
Collegiate Staff Writer

“It’s a coffee shop, music venue, retail store, and a reality show all rolled into one,” said Tyler Trierweiler, co-owner of the new coffee shop, The Dirty Hippie, located in downtown Grand Rapids.

As an extension of the cooperative coffee shop in South Bend, Indiana, said Tyler, The Dirty Hippie allows the artists to bring their ideas to life. The business design came as a result of the inspiration of the owners, Tyler and Vinny Trierweiler.

The 23 year-old twin brothers, Tyler and Vinny, came up with the idea for the shop with the help of their roommates who are members of the musicians cooperative.  The coopertives that good music and good  people are the  best parts of life.

“The Dirty Hippie is a place where individuality and free-thought are celebrated,” said Vinny, “ Where everyone is welcome and you can talk about anything.” The brothers said they wanted to create a space for customers to be happy to be themselves.

They chose Grand Rapids to build-up The Dirty Hippie, because the new musicians cooperative is located in town. Tyler said the creation of the innovative business went very quickly. using their numerous artistic abilities, they are creating murals on the wall and decorating based off the hippie-style.

Tyler said, “The whole point of the co-op is to sustain our lives through our artistic ideas.” No other coffee shop in Grand Rapids films their customers as a part of a reality show. Tyler enjoys the ongoing project of video production, especially since he is interested in documentary and non-fiction work.

“Anyone who walks through the door is a guest star!” said Vinny.

As this business is different than any other in Grand Rapids, they also sell many unusual items, such as Venus flytraps and hermit crabs, said Vinny.

The coffee shop has something planned for every night of the week starting at 7p.m. From Monday night group meditation and live music on Fridays. The Dirty Hippie is a great place to relax, catch up with friends with a cup of coffee, and even be apart of the reality show production.

You can visit their website at DirtyHippieVenue.com to receive  weekly updates of their Saturday special events and concerts.  The Dirty Hippie is located at 133 S. Division.  The shop is open daily 9a.m.-10p.m.


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