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Blink 182 makes comeback with ‘Neighborhoods’


By Eric Walsh
Collegiate Staff Writer

“Neighborhoods” is Blink-182’s first album in eight years. As soon as the album begins you feel like you’re listening to a new era of Blink-182 music, long gone are the silly song titles and album titles.

What you’re given is a rejuvenated band with a new message and style, it does seem Blink-182 has grown up after all.  Now Tom Delonge has incorporated his sounds from Angels & Airwaves into this album. Angels & Airwaves is Tom’s other band he had formed during Blink’s hiatus. At the same time, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker formed +44.

Angels & Airwaves are still together and have a new album out for November. +44 are on hiatus for the time being but would love to make another album whenever possible.

As for the album, “Neighborhoods”  it was well worth that wait. From the opening track “Ghost on the Dance Floor”,  Delonge’s influence on the album is well noted with the space-rock airy sound the song conveys while the bringing back classic blink lyrics of lost love and missed opportunities

Barker’s drumming is sensational throughout the album setting the perfect tone and beat and rhythm to every song on the album. It should go without saying, he absolutely just goes all out on the drums through the album.

Sprinkled in are songs all Blink fans will love from “Natives” to “Snake Charmer” to “Wishing Well”, it’s the perfect meshing of the new Blink-182 and the old Blink-182.  The overall theme of the album is somewhat dark compared to former albums with songs dealing with personal demons, temptation, regret and lost hope.   Still, the lyrics are so powerful and work so well, in the end it’s one of the albums strong suits.

The Track titled ”Kaleidoscope” has a beautiful chorus that Delonge sings, “It’s the first time that I’m worried of a bad dream of a journey on the highway through the valley, It’s a long road through the night, It’s a long road to get it right”.  That chorus because seems to sum up the bands hiatus perfectly.  The song eludes to Blink’s past which was a long road to get right and I think they finally got on the right path.

“Neighborhoods” is a newer, mature, and darker Blink-182, but to old or new fans alike, If you like classic Blink-182 you’ll find something you’ll like.  If you like the newer experimental Blink-182 and their side projects, then this album should be one you check out. Either way,  it’s difficult to go wrong with this album.

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