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Reading the writing on the walls


News Analysis By Amberly Kauranen
Collegiate Staff Writer

By Ross L. PIke
News Editor

GRCC is a community college and everyone knows that, but it doesn’t mean it has to be treated like your high school when you were younger, and vandalize it by writing on the bathroom stall walls.

In the girls bathroom on the 4th floor of Cook Hall there is a ton of graffiti on one of the bathroom stalls.

There is one rather large saying “I have the Power.”

Surrounding that saying are some others like “God is Power,” with a heart around it. Then underneath it are the words “amen,” and “yes,” “no.”

Other pieces of graffiti surrounding those sayings is “School is power,” and then it looks as though someone is trying to correct it by writing “knowledge is power,” next to it.

More graffiti just on this one stall door includes “Stop slut- shaming it isn’t cool.” And “DUMB BITCHES.”

The saying that was the most interesting was “Really? We’re in college!”

By writing that on the stall door, they are now too, engaging on all the immaturity of all the other students writing on the bathroom doors.

But that comment is true. We are in college and should know better to vandalize the school’s property. That is something that immature people would do.

Graffiti in another stall door in the same bathroom had a saying “The chamber of secrets has been opened, enemies of the Heir Beware!”

Then going up to the 5th floor still in Cook Hall, one of the bathroom doors has “Here lies moaning Myrtle.”

There now seems to be a pattern of Harry Potter quotes going on through the bathroom stall doors.

Just like this quote “Something wicked this way comes,” is on a different stall door in a different bathroom.

Beneath that writing is a comment to that piece of graffiti saying “considering this is a bathroom stall, I’m going to guess its explosive diarrhea.” But that quote is yet another one from the movie Harry Potter.

A person who wishes to remain anonymous said “Yes, I have written on the bathroom stall doors here at GRCC.”

“I’m not proud of writing on the stall doors, but seeing other sayings drew me into wanting to put my own input in,” anonymous said.

There are many other sayings in the bathroom stall doors, but the Harry Potter quotes are the ones that seem to be making a travel around campus between the bathroom stalls.

For more information about on-campus graffiti, watch for upcoming police reports.


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