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Editorial: On campus theft is easily preventable


Theft has become a way of life. It can happen at the store, it can happen at an apartment or house and it can and is happening at Grand Rapids Community College.

As was mentioned in the page one article, “On-campus theft up for Fall 2011”, Campus Police have seen an increase in thefts to begin the Fall 2011 semester.

While Campus Police are here to protect and serve the student body, there are only so many officers and still so much ground to cover.

With Grand Rapids Community College expanding as it has in recent years, Campus Police have been stretched even thinner than before.

Though the thought of theft on campus is sad, it’s what our culture has become and there is very little that can be done to stop it. However, there are ways to prevent it.

The best way for students, faculty and the surrounding community to prevent theft is to think about what you personally are doing.

When arriving on campus, hide any valuables that may be in your car. Many thefts occur when valuables are left in plain sight because they serve as an easy target to thieves.

After getting out of the car, always lock the doors. Thefts can occur even when valuables are not in plain sight if the car is easy to access. A thief may be walking through a parking lot checking for unlocked doors. Taking the extra five seconds to lock your doors may make the difference.

The other locations where a majority of on-campus thefts are taking place are in places like Winchester Alley and in the Ford Fieldhouse.

These places are busy and all the activity allows thieves to blend in and go unnoticed when they walk off with someone else’s bag.

Instances like these are also easy to prevent. While thefts of unattended items are prevalent, the theft of items being carried by a person happen far less.

What does that tell you? Don’t leave items unattended. Why would you want to give thieves an easy target?

The fact that this topic needs to be talked about is sad, but in most cases, there are very few to blame but ourselves.

Mankind has flaws and it’s time we accept this truth and act accordingly. Cover your bases and take the steps needed to protect your belongings.







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