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Good deals can be easy to find


With college expenses being such a burden, students often find it difficult to make ends meet. Consequently, when there is a good deal or free food to be had, college students tend to take advantage.

It’s these students who know how to find a deal and save money—the ones who go to the five dollar all you can eat pancake breakfasts, donate plasma for cash, and fill out surveys for free stuff.

As most college students, I tend to jump on a good deal here or there, but from what I’ve heard lately, there are students here who have mastered the art of getting things for free, and it is all because of their clever mindset and wise view of the world. The reason I have not mastered the skill is because I’ve only had ambition enough to seek out deals known to the average person

The way these other people understand the concept of good deals is by taking a step back, looking at the objects around the room, and realizing that everything can be free.

•Those earphones left unattended by the girl at the vending machine: free

•That algebra book sitting in someone’s bag: free

•That GPS flaunting itself on the unlocked car’s windshield: free

These talented deal finders have figured it out! Take everything and anything you see and want.

College students should be all about seizing the opportunity to save a little money. Why pay for a new laptop when there is an opportunity to take the free one sitting on the desk?

I don’t think I can feel my current mindset as competent now I’m aware of mindsets more clever and resourceful than my own.

As a college student, it’s time to take deal finding to the next level.

There’s no more going to the grocery store to by food, but only to find free food.

I’d say it’s about time to replace my car, so I’ll head down to the dealership and pick up a free one.

And when that day comes that I’m ready to purchase my own house, I’ll just search for one that’s been abandoned by the owners who may happen to be on vacation. Free house!

Really, I don’t know why I didn’t have this epiphany sooner. Seeing the whole world as free is such a stress reliever.

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