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The lights go out on campus


By Ross L. Pike
News Editor

”A substation went out at approximately 12:20 p.m.,” said Joe Milito of the GRCC facilities department. “Power went out to the Calkins Science Building, the Atrium, Ford Fieldhouse, Student Center, Applied Technology Center, and Spectrum Theater.”

“I was in the parking garage when I saw a flash of orange light and then some smoke,” said Sydney Murphy. “It freaked me out, but the lady in front of me thought her tire had exploded.”

Meghan Reichert was in the Calkins Science Building at the time of the power outage. “I am terrified of the dark. All of a sudden things went pitch black. The campus police told us to evacuate the building. The whole thing really scared me,” said Meghan.

The Student Center was without power until around 4 p.m.. “This is a disadvantage to students in need. As much as we pay for tuition, we should have generators,” said Dannea Mayhue, a student employee at the Student Center.

However, some students were happy with the power outage. “I think everybody needs breaks, so I’m happy,” said Eden Denton. “But, I’m not happy that the school is having technical difficulties.”

Coco Pellot was on her way to Art & Bev’s when the power went out, but said, “It’s not the school’s fault the power went out.” She, however, did ask, “Why didn’t the power in the library go out?”

According to Milito, “The library is on a different primary service, which means it feeds off a different line into the building.”

Due to the power outage, the counseling offices were moved to the Enrollment Center along with the employees in the Student Life office. “The Student Center is being closed for safety precautions,” said Lt. Woolworth of the GRCC Campus Police as the building was being evacuated. “There are no lights in the bathrooms, the computers are all down, and there are some areas that are very dark in the building because the power is out.”

Executive Director of Operational Planning Vicky Janowiak said, “Procedure during power outages is that we stay in constant contact with Consumer’s Energy.”

On her way to the Raider Grille, Laura Winthor said she was disappointed that the power went out. Her friend, Tara Tailor said, “Where are we supposed to eat now? Winchester Alley? I’m not happy about the lines down there.”

Due to the power outage, the Christian Fellowship Group had to cancel their meeting and had to sit out in the hallway until the campus police evacuated the building.

Power was returned to every building except the Student Center at 1:05 p.m.. At which time, the facilities department was still unsure of the cause of the power outages.

GRCC Campus Police did not respond in time for our deadline when we asked if there were a rise of reported thefts or other crimes during the power outage.

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