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I want to take a week to talk about some of the greatest games of my childhood. I highly recommend all of these games if you still have the old consoles lying around.

First, an all around classic that most gamers have heard of – Final Fantasy 7. I can’t count how many hours I spent on this game. The characters, the story, the gameplay are all great. While the main story can be completed in 30-40 hours, the excellent side-quests can easily consume an additional 100 hours.

Second, the Star Ocean series. My favorite is easily Star Ocean 2 and is followed closely by Star Ocean 3. The gameplay is excellent, the story is top notch and the replay value is through the roof. If I was stranded on a desert island with only one game, this would be that one. I have easily put 400+ hours into this game and would gladly do it again.

Other notable games that you should play if you own the console and have the time are Halo 2, Road Rash 3, River City Ransom and Xeno Gears. All of these games have stolen part of my life and I would gladly sell my soul to them again. If you get a chance, play them! Enjoy!

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