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The real crime? You haven’t heard of Supertramp


Austin Metz
Editor in Chief

When you think of Rock ‘n’ Roll, what bands do you think of? Led Zepplin? The Beatles? The Rolling Stones? The Who? Anyone else? In the day and age of YouTube, it would probably be smart to check out the name Supertramp.

I’ll even go a step further and suggest you check out the song “School.” It’s the first gem off the British group’s third album “Crime of the Century” and it may be home to one of the top-five rock piano solos of all-time.

While the band went on to release a slew of other albums in a career that is still in progress, “Crime of the Century” delivers everything even the toughest of rockers would want. Although most music listeners may only be familiar with the commercially popular “Bloody Well Right,” the album gives listeners much more.

Most bands during this time were known for their guitar licks and drum solos but Supertramp accomplished a musical sound that few bands have been able to achieve or duplicate.

Each note, each word and even precious seconds of silence seemed to serve a purpose, to be there for a reason and when you put it all together, you get one of the most underrated albums of all-time.

Though the band proved to feature a revolving door of musicians over the last 40 years, “Crime of the Century” gave the band the hit album it desperately needed.

The vocal talents of the different band members can be heard from song to song with the song “Dreamer” giving listeners vocal notes you have to hear to believe.

In the album’s final song named after the album it’s on, “Crime of the Century,” the band showcases everything ranging from a slow, driving beat to beautiful lyrics and a trippy mix of synthesizers and guitars. Oh, and just for good measure, how about a saxophone solo to top it off?

While Supertramp may not be the type of rock band you are accustomed to, couple “Crime of the Century” with “Even in the Quietest Moment” and you have two albums that could stack up with any other band, past or present.

My next blog will be up on Monday, January 30 so check it out! What album is next? You will have to wait to find out!

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  1. This is a well thought and introspective review of “Supertramps” third album. This album pushed ahead of so many other of that time to enchant and enthrall and become a part of my soul….. “School, Dreamer, Hide in Your Shell, If Anyone is Listening” are songs that are impossible to forget and when you here the first chords/notes makes you stop what your are doing to be transported to the story of the song……

    From “Quietest Moments” ,their fourth album……”Give A Little Bit and Even in the Quietest Moments” are two songs I never, never, never grow tired of. Without fail when I hear “Give a Little Bit” my foot starts tapping and it is impossible to NOT sing along. “Quietest Moments” is a song that I only need to hear the first notes and feel myself traveling to a different place, one of peace…… This song uplifts and takes you on a journey and quietly brings you back in a few short minutes.

    “Fools Overture” a creation from another place so hard to put words to, to explain it’s effect on the listener. This introspective song…….album is jewel in the crown of Supertramp albums.

    Yes, I am a fan of Supertramp, especially Roger Hodgson the creator of many of their biggest hits and you should hear here him live…..Roger will soon be starting his 2012 World Tour offering many opportunities right here in the United States.

    Be warned, if you feel one of his performance, you will need to experience more…….


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