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Author, financial advisor visits GRCC


By Ross L. Pike
News Editor

Dr. Boyce Watkins recently visited Grand Rapids Community College and spoke with the Black Student Union and other students about the importance of business and success.

Watkins currently serves as a professor at Syacuse Univeristy as an author, economist, political analyst, and social commentator.

“Every second of your life you have an opportunity to change your whole life,” Watkins said in his lecture. “It’s true. Every opportunity is a chance for you to step it up.”

Watkins especially urged students to consider starting their own business. “How are you going to work harder for somebody else’s dream than your own dream?”

“If you like doing something, make it a business,” Watkins said. “For example, if you like doing hair, hire five people to do hair for you.”

After meeting with the Black Student Union, Watkins offered financial advice for some students advocating for an amazing tool he called Google. He said you’ll find great results just by typing in things like “how to improve your credit score.”

“All of us who grew up without money can understand the importance of money in society,” Watkins said.

“There’s another side of money and another way to have wealth,” Watkins said. “There’s importance in owning something. Buy and own a house or something and that way no matter what job you have or how much you get paid you still have your house.”

Watkins also tells students that there are 168 hours in a week. “That leaves 40 hours a week for work and 56 hours a week for sleep. Then that leaves 72 hours for studying and partying.”

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