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Police Reports – 2/29/2012


by Austin Metz

Suspicious Person

Police responded to a report of a possible gas leak in Art and Bev’s. There appeared to be a strong smell of gas coming from the industrial stoves. Grand Rapids Fire Department was called and the leak was stopped.


Damage to Property

Graffiti was found in the stalls of the 4th floor Men’s bathroom in the Main Building. Facilities were called.



Police responded to a homeless man who was using a microwave on campus. The man was unable to present I.D. and had spread his belongings around the hallway. The man was taken to the Enrollment Center.


Damage to Property

A trash can was on fire in the First Floor Women’s bathroom in the Science building. Police were called and found black soot in the can. The fire was put out.



A backpack was left unattended in the Ford Fieldhouse gym. When the owner returned, the backpack and the contents were gone. No suspects.


Damage to Property

The gate arm of a GRCC parking ramp was broken when a man attempted to leave with a trailer connected to the car. The gate came down between the car and the trailer causing the bar to break.


Trouble with Person

A man set the alarm off when exiting the library. When asked if he had any books in his bag, the man became disorderly and began cursing. The man was warned by police.


Disorderly Conduct

A student fell while skateboarding on GRCC’s campus. The student was stopped and warned that there was no skateboarding in the area.



A female student lost consciousness after hitting her head while on GRCC’s campus. When police responded, the woman was awake and alert but claimed to be dizzy. The student was taken to the hospital.


Field Interrogation

An administration member at GRCC reported threatening tweet’s on a students Twitter account. Upon questioning, the student said she was frustrated with some faculty at GRCC but would never harm anyone. The student was warned.


Trouble with Persons

Two students had an altercation before a class they had together. The two had attempted to meet before class but were unable to find each other. The two students confronted each other and began verbally assaulting each other. Police were called to handle the situation.


Damage to Property

A toilet paper dispenser in a men’s bathroom was found damaged. Facilities was contacted to fix the issue.

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