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Fashion students prepare for ‘All Dolled Up’ Runway Show at The Salvation Army


By Matthew Waldrep
A&E Editor

The GRCC Fashion Show Production class has collaborated with the Salvation Army to present the fashion runway show, “All Dolled Up.”

“‘All dolled up’ is based on the traditional Barbie doll and our thought process when it comes to a doll’s life,” said Fashion Department faculty member Marianne Bockheim.  “And how perfect and glamorous it is and then reinterpreting it into real life.”

On March 1 seven students and nine models will present the fashion show to showcase their talent as students of fashion and design as well as raise money for the Salvation Army.

“For every ten dollars donated or ten pieces of clothes, you get entered into a drawing at the end of the night,” Bockheim said.  “We have a variety of different prizes. We have something from Burton snow boards, Intelligent Beauty LLC, Kiki Pure and Simple (an organic beauty line manufactured and produced in Grand Rapids), and more.”

Each student has at least one model and is challenged with coordinated outfits created exclusively with clothing from the Salvation Army for the models to present on the runway.

“At the salvation army it’s a challenge to find what you want and what you need because there is only one of everything and that’s all you get,” said Bockheim.  For anyone familiar with the kind of hunting and seeking associated with thrift store shopping, it’s easy to see how creating a fashion show based around random articles of clothing can present challenges.

“Something could be really cool but if it’s a size 12 and your model is a size six, you would have to put it back or improvise,” Bockheim said.  “And that’s kind of the fun too, where the creative part comes in is that often times the student has to improvise and create something new out of something that most people would look at as not working.”

“All Dolled Up” will be GRCC student Shaina Wabindlato’s first show as a fashion designer.  “I couldn’t be more excited; this is such a great creative outlet,” Wabindlato said. “I am anxious to see how all the looks are going to collaborate as a whole. I plan to go on to get a four-year degree and want to stay in the fashion industry. I want to entertain through clothes.”

Gavin Vincent, who has participated in other fashion shows, is coordinating his outfits to create an urban, street look for his model. “I like that we did this with Salvation Army,” Vincent said.  “There is such a wide selection at thrift stores. And anyone can make an outfit out of the stuff they find.”

The Fashion Show Production Class prepares students for careers in fashion design and working with models to display their outfits.  Participating in the fashion show is one credit elective and gives students valuable hands on experience.

“All Dolled Up” will be held March  1 at the Salvation Army, 1491 South Division Avenue.

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