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Corrosive Kids/Doctors’ Wives album review


By Austin Metz
Editor in Chief
Hey everyone, lock up your children, lock up your wife. Lock up your fat dog and run for your life because raw punk music is back.

Local bands Corrosive Kids and Doctors’ Wives are coming to a record shop near you and from the opening notes of “Baby on Board” by Corrosive Kids, it’s clear punk has re-entered the building.

Back are the days of ’80s garage punk. The raw energy and racing guitar with a voice to match.

Throughout the three song album by Corrosive Kids, lead singer “Cryptic” Josh Villaire wails away at the lyric’s with a tone incomparable to any musician out today.

Couple that with Andrew Moroski on drums, Melissa Missiletoe on bass guitar, and Jesse Leitch and Mickey Mackenzie on guitar and you have a recipe for success.

Although the music is raw and rough around the edges, the sound of the album is awesome.

If you are a fan of the bass and electric guitar, this is an album that showcases the basic, driving guitar fans of punk have expected through the years.

The voice of Villaire has a bluesy sound to it, a twang that resembles Mick Jagger in his early days which fits well with the other instruments.

On the second side of the album, Doctors’ Wives brings a playful, more light sound to the music. Harmonizing vocals from the other members add a different dimension that hasn’t been seen on the album.

At times, the guitarist and the lead vocals of Tiffany Compton can overpower the rest of the album and it buries the drums that should lead the band, but overall the music is still solid.

Again, they bring back the old punk sound that has been missing for years. Gone are the boring and talentless sounds of bands like Panic! At the Disco and Blink-182 who became too glamorized.

The only real issue with this record is the fact that each band only plays three songs. It left me wanting more as each side came to an abrupt end.

Right as you settle in, you are left wanting more. Wanting more Corrosive Kids and more Doctors’ Wives.



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