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GRCC students go global


By Stephanie Krings
Photo Editor

The International Student Organization (ISO) and the Hispanic Student Organization put on a feast and a show to give students a glimpse into other cultures.

The Ford Fieldhouse was transformed into a banquet hall filled at one end with food stations serving traditional street food from four countries: Italy, Egypt, Australia and India. Students and faculty lined up to take plates of Koshary (Egypt), Lamingtons (Australia), or the little fried donuts called Struffoli (Italy) back to their tables.

The instrumental duo, “Café’ Con Leche,” played soft music for the guests as diners mingled before performances began at 7 p.m.

Conversations were interrupted by loud squawks and screeches as bird handlers sporting brightly colored macaws and parrots strode around the room.

In the back of the hall by a row of blue birds, Nick Nortier patiently worked on an art piece, dipping into his paints and applying red and orange to a wooden board.

The performances varied by country and culture.

Expense at Hand, a four-member rock band, performed a Japanese song called “Broken Youth,” originally recorded by Nico Touches the Walls.

Ireland was the next to be represented. First, an entire troupe of high-stepping dancers, the Rangeela Irish Dancers, took to the stage and stomped out “Rhythm of the Irish.” Then Justin Dawes sang the heartfelt ode “Danny Boy,” accompanied by Erika Wynne on a portable keyboard.

Deavondre Jones set everybody screaming and clapping when he performed a dance to a master-mix of modern songs. He came out in a hoodie and white mask, only revealing his face during the second part of his act.

Other performers of note included Will & Carlos, Sabrosissimo, Therese Mualla, Wasnode Negumchuk, and WaZoBia.

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  1. This was such an amazing event to go to! I am so glad you did an article about the great stuff these students are doing. My children especially loved seeing all the birds.


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