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Editorial – GRCC: Home of the drive-through degree program


At 7:00 a.m. the alarm clock goes off. At 7:45 the tardy bell sounds to signify the start of the school day. And finally, at 2:45, the bell rings to let students out of school for the day.

From there, it’s off to soccer practice, then to the school play, and finally home to quick finish homework due the next day and maybe squeeze in some Modern Warfare.

The point? High school students are too busy.

GRCC’s next plan? Let students try to take college classes and earn an Associate Degree while also trying to keep a girlfriend, play sports, and deal with oozing pimples. Oh, let’s not forget the job of maintaining a decent high school GPA and finally receiving a high school diploma.

The article “GRCC signs diploma agreement” on page three of this issue announced that Grand Rapids Community College and Wyoming Public Schools have reached an agreement that will allow high schools to gain a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree by high school graduation.

The program is available to students who have a 2.5 GPA, grade level reading and math skills, the credits necessary for their grade level, and success in the Accuplacer test.

Wait, what? A 2.5 GPA? Reading and math skills that are only at grade level?

If this program is going to happen, which it appears it is, this should be for the gifted. It should be for the people who excel.

With this program, the school is taking the easy way out. No more having students on GRCC’s campus, no more having to pay college professors to teach them.

On top of that, think back to your high school days. Think about your maturity level. Were you farting in class and sucking back Mountain Dews or were you truly ready for a college class?

There is a student maturity concern with this idea.

High school is a time for teenagers to grow and mature, to gain new friendships and learn the basics before college. A tenth grader is in no shape to take college classes. Mentally, they just aren’t where a college student should be.

Their minds aren’t developed the way they should be.

Let the growth that happens in college happen when it should. Let the students take college classes when they are fit and when they can truly absorb the information.

Stop muddling up the lives of already busy high schoolers.

Grand Rapids Community College is a place where students learn discipline. No more mommy and daddy holding your hand and forcing you to go to school.

As a place of education, why is the college taking away the learning that should happen around a college campus?


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