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Letter to the Editor: Job fairs are offered on campus


It should be noted that in addition to the two major (general) job fairs, GRCC holds a variety of other job and career fairs in other specialized fields.

For example, on April 3, there was a Gerontology Career Fair:


The college also recently held a Manufacturing Career Day event:


(Both of these other fairs were promoted on the front page of the college’s website, as well as through all of the college’s social media presences and featured prominently in Blackboard.)

Further, the Student Employment Services office is indeed in Blackboard – you can access it by clicking on the “Community” tab under “My Organizations.” They post all of their job opportunities there and offer a variety of other resources.

Jobs are also available on the SES website at http://www.grcc.edu/ses

GRCC is very concerned about students achieving success after completing their time at GRCC (in fact, we’re required to report that information to accrediting agencies) so we take career opportunities for students very seriously.


–Derek DeVries, Communications Technology Manager

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