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Why are celebrities buying Mega Millions tickets?


By Dana Finkler

Staff Writer

The Mega Millions jackpot of $656 million on March 30, 2012 created a buzz and excitement like I’ve never seen before.

People flooded to gas stations and liquor stores, spending their hard-earned money on the hopes that six numbers could drastically change their entire future.

The winning tickets were claimed in Illinois, Kansas, and Maryland.

Two of the three winners have come forward to claim their share, but one of the tickets has yet to be claimed. According to various reports, the unclaimed ticket was purchased in Illinois. According to state law, the anonymous winner has one year to claim their ticket. Each ticket is worth $218 million before taxes.

It wasn’t just the common folk buying the tickets; celebrities also spent their money in hopes of getting a piece of the pot.

It was reported by TMZ that Rob Drydak (well known for the show Fantasy Factory) bought $700 dollars worth of tickets before the jackpot grew to the record amount. He didn’t win and neither did I, but it struck a nerve with me.

Yes, he has the right like anyone else to purchase a ticket, but to watch someone who is rich spend that much just to get more is outrageous. How much money does one person really need?

Imagine if Oprah, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg won. How disgusted would you be?

If I had won the historic jackpot, the first thing I would have done is throw a Molotov cocktail on my friend’s 1986 Ranger and watch him freak out. Of course waiting around the corner would be a new vehicle, less burnt, of course.

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