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ArtPrize artists: Jennifer Lee at the B.O.B.


Name: Jennifer Lee
Age: 48
City: Oakland, Calif.
Medium: Aluminum Panels- I paint and draw and then I scan the images onto a computer and work with them in Photoshop.
Name of Entry: Perpetual Wonder
Venue: Bob Parking Lot
1. What was your inspiration?: 45 years of life! I’ve been someone who is a spiritual seeker, and this piece is about coming to in that regard.
2. How long did this take?: It’s impossible to say. There is so much that goes into it.
3. What was the most challenging part?: The wind here has been a huge challenge! The base almost fell apart from all the wind, so we had to make runs to the hardware stores!
4. How are people responding to your artwork?: People are so positive, and it’s so touching for me. People are deeply touched by the words that speak to them. Some even stand there and cry. I am so blessed.
5. What would you do with the money if you win?: Pay the people who help me! Then more would go into more art. I am also a musician, so I’d use the money for studio time to record another CD.

Jennifer Lee’s piece sits in the B.O.B. parking lot.
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