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ArtPrize Artists: Ruban Llano at the B.O.B.


Name: Ruban Llano
Age: 45
City: New Era, Mich. Originally from Columbia, South America
Medium: Mix of different things– The frame is wood and steal, then you must put on foam and carve the foam, then cement, fiberglass, marbled dust, sand, and polyacrylics over the surface.
Name of Entry: True Love
Venue: B.O.B. Parking Lot
1. What was your inspiration?: I studied about the love and care the mommas give to the babies and they love them so much. This is why it is true love.
2. How long did this take?: Four months
3. What was the most challenging part?: Money and time. It’s very expensive.
4. How are people responding to your artwork?: People like this. Kids like to touch it and it is a good background photo.
5. What would you do with the money if you win?: Give 10% to the church, pay my mortgage, and take my kids on a big vacation.

Ruban Llano’s piece sits in the B.O.B. parking lot.


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