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GRCC closes Thursday night classes two weeks in a row

GRCC Bostwick Commons
GRCC Bostwick Commons

Grand Rapids Community College administrators cancelled classes beginning at 4 p.m. or later today at all locations due to inclement weather. This is the second consecutive week that night classes in Kent County have been cancelled for this reason.

There are some people whose classes meet only once a week—Thursday night—like Harold Lee, the humanities professor who teaches the three-hour class American Cinema Film Genres.

I will have to figure out how to make up six hours of classroom time, but we’ll figure it out. We’ve done it before,” Lee said. “Generally, in these cases, you revamp the course and you try to do what’s fair to the student so that the student receives a proper amount of instruction.”

According to the GRCC Inclement Weather Policy, after GRCC Police and Facilities personnel assess the conditions, the police chief contacts the president, and if a decision to delay or close is made, Communications personnel send the message to students.

We just want to make sure that our students and our faculty and staff are safe, and …that’s our first priority,” said Kathy Mullins, executive deputy to the president and board liaison, who is acting as Communications director.

There are some students who do not necessarily share the professors’ concerns of a revamped schedule.

“I had a huge deadline and I didn’t make it. I was like 15 minutes late, so it’s kind of a godsend,” said GRCC student Alyssa Harris, 22.

Classes that commence before 4 p.m. will continue for the allotted time, and campus will be closed at 6:30 p.m.

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