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People’s Choice Awards announced for Photo Student Exhibit


The Photo Student Exhibit People’s Choice Awards were given Wednesday at the GRCC Paul Collins Art Gallery. Until tomorrow, the gallery walls display 82 photographs that make up a variety of work ranging from haunting silver gelatin prints to sharp, eye-popping digital images, and the television plays six video projects created by advanced photography students, all pieces a part of the competition.

Winners include:
  • First place and $200: Jordan Parham
  • Second place and $100: Brandon House
  • Third place: Tie between Patrick Dine and Cheryl Franklin
  • Honorable mentions: Samuel Bushi, Sarah Bocskey, Michelle Pittman, John Royston, and Miranda Haddix (Collegiate photo editor) for her video instillation
Filippo Tagliati (right) and Jonathon Russell (left) announce winners of the Photo Student Exhibit People's Choice Awards.
Filippo Tagliati (right) and Jonathon Russell (left) announce winners of the Photo Student Exhibit People’s Choice Awards.

Parham’s winning silver gelatin print depicts a long stretch of road surrounded by trees on a foggy morning. He captured the image with a film camera on his drive home from work at 6 a.m. Parham, 26, plans to further his photography education at Kendall College of Art and Design.

Dine created his black and white image by attaching steel wool to a whisk, tying the whisk to a string and whipping it in a circle to create sparks on pavement. Dine is a second year photography major and will be spending the summer in Tennessee interning as a second shooter for a large wedding planning company.

Awards were given by GRCC photography professors Filippo Tagliati, gallery curator, and Jonathan Russell, both who selected the pieces for the show.

“We looked for images that stand out by themselves,” Tagliati said. “We worked with students, guided them and made suggestions in order for them to have their best work in the show.”

Russell teaches Photography 102 and 126, and Tagliati teaches Photography 102, 106, 230 and 260.

“Seeing the students grow…It is fun in the beginning when they come in with all this enthusiasm and no technical knowledge…to give them that knowledge and see the two factors come together is exciting,” Tagliati said.

Tagliati and Russell decided to turn over the  judging to the student body. “We wanted mainly students in the art programs on this floor to vote…we didn’t want to pick. They are all winners to us!” Tagliati said.

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