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Actors’ Theatre presents ‘[title of show]’


Actors’ Theatre will be presenting the musical “[title of show]” opening Thursday and running through April 6.

Written by Hunter Bell with music and lyrics written by Jeff Bowen and directed by Michelle Urbane, “[title of show]” is about two writers, Jeff and Hunter, who collaborate with their friends, Susan and Heidi, to create a Broadway musical. During the process of the musical’s creation, their friendship is tested by conflicting schedules and a struggle to reach a consensus on how to present the musical.

Rob Karel, 26, plays the story writer, Hunter. “I’ve been following “Show” since around 2007, and it’s just been a show that I’ve always wanted to do,” Karel said. “Both of the male characters in the show are very big musical theater lovers, which has always been a passion of mine.”

George Toles, 23, playing music writer Jeff, said, “I had the sound track of “Show,” and I’ve liked the show for a few years now. So when I found out Actors’ was doing it, I was really eager to audition,” Toles said. “I relate to Jeff as a person, so I felt like it would be a good fit for me.”

Going into detail on the role of her character, Jolene Frankey, playing Susan, said, “Susan is best friends with the two writers. She’s a funny girl, so they bring her on for her humor,” Frankey said. “She’s a little bit of an actress, a little bit of a writer and a lit bit of a corporate whore. There’s Susan.”

Elaborating on her character, Ellie Frances, playing Heidi, says, “Heidi always wants to be the star in the show, but she tends to play ensemble a lot,” Frances said. “Her friends pull her into this show to help them get it started and start creating this character that’s based off of her.”

Commenting on the cast, Director Michelle Urbane said, “It was fun. The casting process is always difficult because we have great talent in Grand Rapids, but these four were definitely a stand out.” Urbane said the message behind the musical is “friendship, friendship and collaboration.”



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