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ArtPrize artist profile: John Andrews

Photo by Jacquelyn Zeman
Photo by Jacquelyn Zeman
Monty, a Dog Gone Dragon

Monty, a Dog Gone Dragon

Recycled Metal

Venue: Barnes and Thornburg LLP

Artist: John Andrews

Age: 42

Home City: Gainesville, Florida

What was his inspiration for the piece?

A friend’s dog that he really liked passed away. In the past, he has taken pictures of dogs, measured the dimensions of them from there, and then has created a dragon under enlarged measurements of the dog.

 How long did it take to create his entry?

1800 hours since ArtPrize last year.

What was the hardest part about creating his entry?

The scale pattern that follows the radius of the dragon was very difficult to make and put together.

How are people responding to his artwork?

They absolutely love it because you can interact with it, and many kids want to just climb all over it.

 What would he do with the money if he won?

He would move back to Michigan and build a shipping container house.

By Jacquelyn Zeman

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