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ArtPrize artist profile: Susan Clinthorne & Sally Thielen

Photo by Lauren Winther
Photo by Lauren Winther
A part of Broken



Venue: Fountain Street Church

Artist: Susan Clinthorne & Sally Thielen

Home City: Davison, Michigan

What was your inspiration for the piece?

“A brush with human trafficking while in Bali.”

How long did it take to create your entry?

“It took me three months.”

What was the hardest part about creating your entry?

“It was very depressing making the dolls. The dolls represent women and children who were stolen, taken, and kidnapped into the sex trade.”

How are people reacting to your entry?

“Some are sad, in awe, surprised, repulsed by the idea of it, sympathetic and thankful.”

What would you do with the money if you won?

“I would be so thankful. I would support organizations and I would also start a home for victims.”

By Lauren Winther


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