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Over a year after disbanding, Student Government still has not drafted a constitution


By Joshua Vissers

The Student Leadership Advisory Council has released preliminary revisions to the Student Congress Constitution, but the ratification of the full document and Student Congress Elections have been pushed to next semester.
“We’ve been working diligently on the restructuring process since mid-July, and we had set the goal to have the constitution ratified by the end of this month,” said Nic Bush of SLAC, about the delay, “However, if we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it right.”
Among the revisions are changes to voting membership, required representation of clubs, and the amount of money that can be requested by a student club without a general vote. Students will have to register a week in advance to vote, and be present at the meeting during which the vote is held. Clubs, while encouraged to attend, will no longer be required to show up to receive their budget. Budget requests used to be approved by the Finance Committee if the amount was under $1,000, but now that limit has been lowered to $500. This money comes out of each student’s Campus Activities Fee, charged at enrollment.
“We’re going to continue to seek student input, work on tightening the loop-holes, and have a functioning, purposeful Student Congress before the end of the Winter Semester,” Bush said.
The next meeting of SLAC is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Dec. 5, in the Multi-purpose room behind the Quiet Cafe in the Student Community Center.

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