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Former Alumni Hired in By GRCC PD

Photo by Lauren Winther
Aaron Gray

By Lauren Winther

A few years after graduating from the Grand Rapids Community College police academy, Aaron Gray, 27, of Grand Rapids, is back on campus as the newest member of the campus police force.

“I served 10 years as a Military Police Officer with the reserves, I recently returned from a deployment where I worked as a Corrections Officer,” Gray said.

In addition, Gray worked for Life Ambulance for three years.

“Since 2010, I worked for Life EMS as an EMT,” Gray said.

Although the newly hired officer had a variety of experience, he must still go through four weeks of in house training at the campus police station, which he is still currently undergoing.

Additionally, Gray, while under the supervision of Officer Tony Myers, has taken calls around campus, and is happy to return to GRCC.

“I like being here. I like the work, it’s a great place to get your feet wet if you’re new to the career,” Gray said. “You get the same type of stuff any other agencies get; it’s just probably a little bit slower here. There is not an abundance of car thefts, domestics- all the things you kind of pile in with a bigger city.

While Officer Gray is still adjusting, he is already aware of the emphasis on campus safety.

“We are more geared towards faculty, staff and students and trying to maintain safety for everybody here and enforcing that safety,” Gray said.

With some experience under his belt, one of Gray’s goals as a police officer is to flourish in his career.

“My overall goal as a police officer is I’d like to be more of a command staff when I come to retirement,” Gray said. “Promotions are big for me. Trying to move my way up through the ranks and trying to get as much experience as I can.”

Gray doesn’t foresee himself leaving GRCC anytime soon.

“What I’ve told the Chief and what I’ve told Lieutenant was I will maintain my position here as long as I can professionally and personally develop,” said Gray.

“Once  we have hit a peak, then we’ll have to reevaluate and go from there .As of right now, I enjoy this place. I’m learning a lot, so I don’t foresee myself in the near future going anywhere but staying here and building experience.”
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