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Police Reports, Feb. 11- Feb. 19

Photo by Lauren Winther

Campus Police Feature

By Lauren Winther

Disorderly Conduct


An Ellis Parking employee witnessed a student attempting to enter the Lyon St. Parking ramp; however the gate-arm was on the hood of his truck. The employee alerted campus police who questioned the student about the incident. According to the student, he swiped his Raider Card and the gate went up, however as he entered the ramp, the gate-arm came down on his vehicle, leaving a scratch on the driver’s side of the hood. The student informed the officers that he did get defensive after the worker yelled at him.  Dispatchers ran the students name and found he had an expired license for two years. The student explained that he got a seat belt violation in North Carolina a few years ago and it was never fixed. Campus police did not give any citation, but requested the student follow up with the state of North Carolina and follow up with the Campus Police once he made contact.


Damage to Property


Officers were dispatched to the level 6 parking exit gates of the Bostwick Ave parking ramp after one of the gate-arms was broken. A vehicle attempted to exit the parking area; however the vehicle was unsuccessful in raising the gate arm.  After another failed attempted, the vehicle then moved back into the right exit lane, from the surveillance officers could see an unknown subject exit the ramp. The damage to the gate was valued at $125.


Larceny Theft from Building


A student’s belongings were stolen from the women’s locker room in the Ford Fieldhouse. After leaving her belongings in a locker without a lock, she returned after class to find her belongings were gone. The student immediately went to the Campus Police Department to report her items missing. Minutes before she arrived, her wallet and car keys were turned in. While looking through her wallet, she found her Raider card missing. Officers advised the student to go to the Student Activities Office to cancel her card. When she came back to the department, she was informed her card had already been used at two vending machines in the Main Building, G2. Using the surveillance from the Ford Fieldhouse and from the vending machines, officers were able to pinpoint the suspect. Officers were able to find out the student’s name by looking up who swiped into the Women’s locker room. The suspect confessed to taking the belongings and gave the victim the majority of her items back and was charged with larceny.




A student left her purse in room 202 of the Calkins Science Center, upon returning to the classroom, the purse was gone and no one knew of its whereabouts. Dispatchers notified the student that her purse had been turned into the lost and found. After inspecting the purse, the student noticed $100 in a small assorted bills was missing. An officer suggested the student check her bank statements and make sure none of her credit card information was taken.

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