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Actors’ Theatre to present ‘God of Carnage’

(Left to right) Amy McFadden, Sammy Publes, Carrie McNulty and Craig Hammerlind perform in ‘God of Carnage’, opening tonight.

By Nicole Clark

Actors’ Theatre will be presenting God of Carnage at 8 p.m. April 17 through 19 and 24 through 26 at Spectrum Theater.

The show, written by Yasmina Reza, centers around the attempt of married couples Michael and Veronica, and Alan and Annette to resolve a conflict that started with Annette and Alan’s son knocking out the teeth of Michael and Veronica’s son on the playground at school.

“You’re dealing with marital relationships in a great deal of this, and dealing with how to raise children,” Tom Kaechele, director of the show and head of the GRCC theater department, explained. “There’s serious stuff there, but we attack it in a rather (comical) way.”

Two of the cast members, Craig Hammerlind and Sammy Publes, are alumni of the GRCC theater program, playing Michael and Alan respectively. Carrie McNulty, playing Veronica, and Amy McFadden, playing Annette, round out the cast.

“They all have a tremendous amount of experience and have all been solidly trained in theater,” Kaechele said. “They are a creative part of the process…coming up with their own creative ideas, so that we end up picking the best ideas from the group,”

The show is recommended for audiences aged thirteen and up for language, violence and alcohol use.

Ticket prices
Students- $20 for mezzanine seating
$22 for orchestra seating,
$10 at the door with a valid student ID
Adults- $24 for mezzanine seating
$26 for orchestra seating
You can purchase tickets by visiting the Spectrum Theater’s box office, by calling 234-3946, or on the
Actors’ Theatre website.

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