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‘Game of Thrones’ fans return to Westeros on Sunday

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Emelia Clark as Daenerys Targaryen in the fourth season of HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones.

By Jason Babcock

The HBO hit series “Game of Thrones” is returning with Season 4 on April 6 and many fans are getting ready for more blood and violence, and the return of some of their favorite character’s from the series.

“Game of Thrones” is based off of a series of novels by George R.R Martin, and HBO has brought these novels to life in three seasons, each consisting of 10 episodes. The show is known for it’s interesting characters and compelling storyline.

The story and plot line for “Game of Thrones” revolves around the region known as Westeros. Westeros is split up into different regions which are ruled by a royal family. King Robert Baratheon of Westeros is supreme however, and the the kingdom is in shaky condition after he dies.

Many issues arise, and soon all the territories are thrown in the middle of a civil war. There are many different sides in the war, some drop out over the course of the series while new ones pop up to try and vie for control of the kingdom. It ends up being very political and very bloody.

One of the big hooks of “Game of Thrones” are its characters and how they develop over the course of the show. They change and grow from the various perils and ordeals that they go through. The villains that crop up are extremely volatile and you end up sometimes even liking them because they are such strong characters.

“Daenerys is my favorite,” Sarah Jewell, a music student at Grand Rapids Community College commented, “She’s such a strong character and she really grows into herself over the course of the show.”

Many fans have a favorite character or two, and one of the big gambles with the show is whether or not the character will actually survive.

The author had no problem with killing off characters, some of them very important and pivotal to the storyline thus far. “If they kill off Daenerys I will be so mad! I might stop watching.”

People watch the show for different reasons. Melissa Gumbert, a nursing student at GRCC said,“I like “Game of Thrones” because it’s fantasy, and nerdy, and kind of historical…all the things I like in life. I also love the Stark Family. It’s fun to see them evolve over the course of the story.”

There are a lot of aspects to the show that are intriguing and interesting, it’s largely political and you have a lot of very diverse characters trying to live out personal vendettas, or who are just trying to survive to the next day. It’s also portrayed very uniquely.

The books were written in short chapters, and each chapter cycled through the main characters who you saw the world through. They embodied that style in the show, each episode you bounce around to all the main characters and get a overall picture of the actual turmoil that Westeros is in, from being on the run with your friends, to the next fiendish plot that another character is brewing up in the capitol, King’s Landing.

“Game of Thrones” does have a side to it that is criticized, however, there is a lot of profanity and nudity and many people feel it’s excessive to have at least one naked person in each episode with sometimes many more than one. The characters also use extreme profanity and there are very detailed scenes of dismemberment and gore. The critics of the show use this against it, saying that it is excessive and not needed. There are some people who think that it adds a very real element to the show. “I honestly feel like that’s how it was in that time period,” commented Casey Black, a former GRCC student.

The newest season of “Game of Thrones” starts on April 6, giving viewers plenty of time to catch up on the show. All the seasons are out and can be bought or rented and watched, giving people about a month to get caught up, find favorite characters and see the story of Westeros unfold.

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