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GRCC’s fashion students host Evolve 180


By Kim Adams

On March 20, the Fashion Show Production class utilized what they had learned in class this semester to put on a fashion show called Evolve 180. Students had to recruit models who were willing to volunteer their time, design a variety of different outfits, and produce a fashion show.

The theme of the fashion show, Evolve 180, was an idea developed by the students in the class. Using this theme, students displayed different outfits for different times of the day. Models were shown in pajamas, work wear, and “going out” outfits. “The idea was made to show all the different outfits we wear on a daily basis,” said Romel “RC” Caylan, a student in the Fashion Show Production class.

Throughout the semester, Advisor Marianne Bockheim has taught these students the importance of contracts, model calls, liabilities, and many other details that producing a fashion show requires. The students were then expected to take the knowledge they had obtained from class, and put together a fashion show fairly independently. While Bockheim was available to answer questions and give help when needed, students were expected to do much of the work on their own.

Rather than having a live audience for this event, it was recorded. As a result of  this, the students can go back and look at the video to see what they did well and what they could have done better. It’s available for them to use as a learning tool, as well as possibly for use in a future portfolio. Although it was a lot of work, students were able to gain hands-on knowledge about putting together a fashion show.

“It was a great experience,” said Caylan. “All of us were very excited.”

Fashion shows can be extremely expensive, and recording a fashion show can prove to be a very cost-effective way of reaching many people. “A lot of fashion shows have become so incredibly costly,” Bockheim said. “A lot of designers are going to using social media and technology to produce their fashion shows and to reach millions, rather than the hundreds that are able to attend the show.”

Currently, the Fashion Show Production class is in the process of trying to get the fashion show available for viewing on GRCC’s YouTube page.

Fashion Show Production students:

Becky Skar

Laurel Bonney

Samantha Mcgahan

Katelyn Bennett

Justine Lemson

Cassie Dille

Romel “RC” Caylan

Natali Samman

Martha Orellana

Marianne Bockheim, Adjunct Instructor


Maida Mesinovic

Allie Bonney

Emily Bialecki

Caylee Vanderploeg

Nikki Avery

Katie Kleiner

Jacquline Franks

Sally Samman

Kendra Ensing

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