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Artist Profile: Hannah Tegan Johnson

Artist Hannah Tegan Johnson stands in front of her work, "'Til Death" at Take Hold Church. Photo by Jonathan D. Lopez

‘Til Death

Artist: Hannah Tegan Johnson

Age: 27

Home City: Detroit

Venue: Take Hold Church

Medium: Watercolor, acrylic, and ink

What was her inspiration for the piece?

As ArtPrize falls on her parents’ anniversary every year, she decided to make illustrations and write memories that coincide with each one.  “It’s a tribute to their 30 years of marriage,” Hannah Tegan Johnson said.

How long did it take to create?

Spontaneously throughout the past year, Johnson has been working on the illustrations. “When I came and visited them, I would see things in the house that reminded me of things from my childhood or just everyday things like the Detroit Tigers…I would just see things that reminded me of things that I know they would like to be reminded of, too,” said Johnson.

How are people responding to the work?

People quickly passing through will not understand it.  “Once I explain it, they really connect to the work.  Especially a lot of the older couples that come through are really surprised that I did this for my parents.”

What will she do with the money if she wins?

She would pay off her parents’ debt for putting their children through college, travel more, and buy more art supplies.

Compiled by Jonathan D. Lopez – Photo Editor

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