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MyDegreePath helps with transfer processs


By Sean P. Mulhall – Editor-in-Chief

SeanPMulhall2The first time I tried to use Grand Rapids Community College’s MyDegreePath was a struggle. I just did not understand how to it worked.

Blackboard and the online student center were easy enough to navigate, but when I would try log on to the MyDegreePath tab in the online center my brain would seem to shut down. There were too many buttons, with too many options. Some of the options like the planner have so many different fields to fill out that I would get frustrated and give up.

Before my first semester back at GRCC I visited a counselor with my mom and they helped devise a plan to get me back on track in a direction that would help me succeed.
After that semester I was left to my own devices and never went back to the counselor for help. I knew the classes I had to retake, but had no idea which classes were transferable and what classes would count towards my degree.

I love writing, so I would always sign up for some kind of English class and whatever seemed interesting to me at the time of enrollment. This summer I decided to get serious about my class selection, so I could graduate as soon as possible. I wanted to move on to that next step.

The only problem was that when I opened up MyDegreePath I found myself stuck. The only thing I could do was walk in to the counseling center and put my name on the list. The nice young lady working at the desk told me it would be about an hour.

Luckily, after only about 20 minutes my name was called. The counselor was very helpful in navigating the path towards an Associates Degree. I signed up for classes about two weeks before and she informed me that one of the classes was unnecessary and another should be put off until the winter semester.

After a quick meeting, I walked out confidant that I could finish GRCC with an Associate’s Degree after the winter of 2016.

Now, before I sign up for classes, I check MyDegreePath and click on the “What If” button. This will tell me what classes I have left on my MACRAO agreement. It not only tells me what MACRAO group doesn’t have the proper credits, but also will recommend all of the specific courses that would fulfill that requirement.

The MyDegreePath tool can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Just walk in to the counseling center, put your name on the list and let a counselor explain how it works.
That will make your experience at GRCC much easier and more enjoyable.