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Special events prepared for students during GRCC’s Welcome Week


By Carla Villasana-Acosta – Collegiate Staff

Students will enjoy the beginning of a new academic year at Grand Rapids Community College with special activities during Welcome Week.

Students at Welcome Week for the fall of 2013 semester. Photo by Jacquelyn Zeman

This event, scheduled for the week of Sept. 8, will feature different activities, games, and food each day as a way to welcome the student community to another year at the college. The event is hosted every year at the beginning of the fall semester and is put together by the Campus Activities Board and the Student Life Office.

Student organizations and academic departments will be available as well, offering attendees the chance to interact with each other and find opportunities for involvement on campus.

This year’s Welcome Week will also celebrate the college’s centennial year by bringing back an event held by students decades ago.

“We tried to connect some of the history of GRCC such as the events students organized in the past with this year’s Welcome Week,” said Evan Macklin, Coordinator of Student Life and Conduct. “…It should be an exciting week filled with fun and opportunities for student engagement.”

The calendar for the events includes the following activities:

Monday, Sept. 8

Club and Service/Academic Department Day:

Student Organizations and Academic Departments will be at the Dr. Juan Olivarez Student Plaza to meet with students and help them get involved in the campus community. Staff and faculty will serve food. This is an activity that used to be done at the college in the early 2000s.

Tuesday, Sept. 9

Traditional Carnival Themed Activities:

On this day, students will experience the “Copper Carnival,” an event that used to be held by student organizations during the 1940s and 1950s. Similarly to the 2013 fall Welcome Week, there will also be a dunk tank, which will be used to raise money for the United Way. Carnival themed food and activities will be offered as well.

Wednesday, Sept. 10

Game Day:
This day will bring activities, games, and food for students to enjoy.

Thursday, Sept. 11

Fun Day:

For the last day of Welcome Week, there will be inflatables and food during the day. Also, the movie “Captain America – The Winter Soldier” will be played in the evening at the Olivarez Student Plaza. Students are encouraged to bring their folding lawn chairs.

All these events for Welcome Week will take place 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Olivarez Student Plaza. For more information on Welcome Week, visit the Student Life Office located at the Student Community Center.

Saturday, Sept. 13

11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Community Picnic:

To cap off Welcome Week, GRCC will be hosting a “neighborhood BBQ-style celebration” at the Ford Fieldhouse. Free barbeque ribs, chicken and hot dogs will be served at 11 a.m. and will continue until the food runs out. Free food and activities are planned to thank the community for supporting the college for 100 years.

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