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Q&A with Mary Kubica, author of “The Good Girl”


By Brittany Miller – Features Editor

After enduring an edge-of-the-seat experience reading “The Good Girl,” I got the opportunity to interview the author of this suspenseful novel, Mary Kubica. Through email I asked her the questions I have been dying to know the answers of since I turned to page one.

“The Good Girl” gave me chills, and put me in suspense at every page. How did you feel when writing it? What are the reactions you anticipated?

I loved every minute of writing “The Good Girl.” I didn’t go into the novel knowing how the story would end and so, even for me as the author, there were many twists and turns to discover, and at times my characters made decisions that surprised even me. My hope is that readers are surprised by the ending, certainly, but even more, that they enjoy seeing events unfold and getting to know the characters.

What was the process like when you were writing “The Good Girl?” How long did it take to get it published?

It took about five years to write “The Good Girl,” and a few more to find an agent and see publication day. It’s a long process, but worth every minute of it! I started writing the novel shortly after my daughter was born. I had just left my teaching career to stay home with her, and though my days were busy caring for my baby girl, I always found time to work on this story that would one day come to be known as “The Good Girl.”

Do you think there would ever be a sequel to “The Good Girl?” I’m dying to know how Mia adjusts to everything, her life after Collin.

I’m not sure whether or not there would be a sequel, but I love sitting down with readers and talking about what happens next in the lives of the characters. One thing I have considered is a spin-off based on Gabe, where he investigates another mystery in Chicago, and perhaps Mia and Eve make an appearance. From the readers I’ve spoken to, Gabe is a favorite! But we’ll see what happens. For now, I’m working on another stand-alone novel, which is the same genre, but different characters and a different storyline.

How far into writing did you discover how you wanted to end the book? It threw me through a loop completely, I’m still thinking about it!

I was well into the novel before I figured out how it would end. I had something else in mind originally, but I really did want to throw my readers (through) a loop – and from the feedback I’ve received, I did! For those who figured out the ending before getting there, I hope they still enjoy(ed) the ride.

How long have you been a writer/author?
I’ve been writing for fun ever since I was a little girl, but “The Good Girl” is the first project I’ve finished, and of course the first book I’ve published.

Are you currently working on any new projects?
My second novel, “Pretty Baby,” is due out July 28. Also set in Chicago, “Pretty Baby” takes a look at how far a woman is willing to go to help a stranger when a homeless teenage girl and her infant child work their way into her life. I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks.

What would you say to the fans of “The Good Girl,” who are still wondering about the ending?
As to ‘what happens next?’, I think that’s up to the reader to decide. I left the novel with some questions in the hopes that the readers would formulate their own opinions as to what they think becomes of the characters and their lives and relationships. I, of course, have some of my own ideas, but yours or someone else’s might be different. That’s the fun of reading books – we get to put our own imaginations to work!

Did you always know Collin’s fate would end the way it did?
I did. Without giving any spoilers away, this was something I knew from the get go, and it’s really vital to pulling the story together at the end.

Is there a certain genre you tend to stick with when you write new books?
My books are psychological suspense, which is a genre I love to both read and write.

Was there a book that inspired you to write? A person?
“The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien – I absolutely love this book. It’s inspired me as both a writer and a person, and is one everyone must read.

Do you have any words for aspiring writers out there? What about your readers?
Never give up! Getting published is no easy task and it’s not for the faint of heart. I’ve received much rejection throughout the years, and it took a long, long time to find an agent to represent my work. Most authors have a similar story, but you only need one agent to love your work – so go out and find that one. Keep with it and keep writing, but most of all, have fun. And readers, keep reading and telling your friends about the books you love.

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