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Student Alliance announces an extra fund of $30,000 for student clubs at meeting Thursday

Student leaders do a hula hoop team building exercise.

Story and Photos by Kayla Tucker – Managing Editor

Student Alliance announced that there is about $30,000 left over in an extra allocations fund at Thurday’s collaborative meeting with student organizations.

At the last meeting, Student Alliance Treasurer Graham Sniesak presented the budget to student leaders, anticipating $1,250 a semester of extra funds.

Student clubs can apply for extra funds on OrgSync.

Sniesak said that these extra funds will allow for “more campus life, students will get more involved, clubs will be able to grow, students will be able to find clubs they weren’t familiar with because of that.”

The theme of today’s meeting was “membership in orgs.” Grand Rapids Community College Trustees Richard Verburg and Ellen James spoke about their roles at the college and gave students advice.

“Make sure you make your time count at the college,” Verburg said. “The years go quickly.”

James invited students to attend board meetings and speak up if they have concerns at the college, and encouraged students that they made the right choice in attending GRCC.

“You are at one of the best colleges in the world,” James said.

Afterward club representatives spoke about upcoming events their club is hosting or attending.

Jonathan DelaVega announced that the GRCC Filmmakers club is actively looking to fill leadership roles and invite new members to the club. DelaVega, president, is the only active member right now.

The Filmmakers club was recently represented by DelaVega at Schoolcraft College for a 48 hour film festival. GRCC Filmmakers placed “Best in Show” with their short film entitled “The Oscelot.”

“I hope (this accomplishment) adds more of a reputation and shows people that we like to try and challenge ourselves as filmmakers,” DelaVega said.

Danielle Alexander, GRCC faculty, then presented a workshop on motivation in a leadership role, and how to assess the needs and motivations of yourself and those working with you.

Tamber Bustance, Diversity Development Services Manager at the Diversity Learning Center, led the group in creating a social contract and encouraged student leaders to use this exercise in their own clubs. Students then participated in a hula hoop team building activity.

The next Student Alliance Town Hall meeting is 2-3:30 p.m. Oct. 1 in the Student Center Farside Room. The topic will be on campus parking.


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