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Peace Day event to be held Monday on student plaza

Courtesy GRCC Facebook

By Cesar Ayala – Collegiate Staff

Monday Grand Rapids Community College will host Peace Day, a day of coming together as one, regardless of race, sexual preference or gender.

“Students will be invited to become active participants in this international celebration of peace,” said Shavval Fleming, an English professor and Peace Day organizer.

Peace day begins at 11:40 a.m. Monday and runs until 3:30 p.m. on the Juan R. Olivarez Plaza.

Fleming said participants will be able to “listen, watch, eat, drink, socialize, make new friends, be inspired, dream, have their picture taken in front of the GRCC Peace Day backdrop … to upload to Instagram and more.”

“Through our Peace Day celebration, we hope to inspire individuals to act, to wage peace, to become part of the movement,” Fleming said. “This is not a time for apathy and passivity; rather, it is a time to become active participants in the work required to bring about peace”.

During the event, Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell is going to speak about the significance of peace and lead the crowd in a moment of silence. Also, Culinary Arts Professor Gilles Renusson will lead a symbolic attempt to stretch a massive piece of sugar taffy as long and thinly as possible without it breaking. This will require the participation of many individuals working together towards a common goal.

“Together, we can make good things happen,” Fleming said. “Investment in this work at the individual level strengthens the movement effecting real impact.

“One might ask how we become active participants in correcting global unrest,” she said. “I’d say first, we need to recognize a challenging issue: the failure of many to recognize or understand the oneness of humanity. So, people will pit themselves against others not realizing that when they hate and mistreat others they are hating and mistreating themselves – their human family. Behave peacefully. Be kind. Be in service to others.”

For more information head to grcc.edu

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