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Police Reports 11-19-15


By Gary Manier – Collegiate Staff


A 55-year old woman was discovered sleeping behind the transformer boxes on the south side of the Main Building by a Grand Rapids Community College police officer at 11:11 a.m. on Friday Nov. 13. The officer woke the sleeping female and identified himself. When inquiries to her presence on campus were made, she said that she came here to sleep before going to God’s Kitchen. She was identified by a Dwelling Place document with her name and listed Degage Ministries as a residence. Further inquiry revealed two mental orders, stating that she is at risk of harming herself or others, and the other listed her as unable to attend to basic needs. She was given a verbal warning for trespassing and advised that if seen again on property without official business she would be subject to arrest. She was also informed of campus boundaries.


At 2:18 p.m. on Friday Nov. 13 a GRCC police officer was dispatched to the Wisner-Bottrall Applied Technology Center building in response to a student wishing to fill out a larceny report. Large sandwich bags and paper lunch sacks were taken from the children’s food donation basket. The 24-year-old student who reported the incident showed the officer to the basket, located in the outer entry of the northwest corner of the ATC. When checked the previous day at 5 p.m, there were large and snack sized sandwich bags and paper lunch bags, but only the snack sized bags remained. The officer suggested that donations be taken out and stored in a secure location at the end of day. There was no suspect information, so the case was closed.