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GRCC’s Student Alliance provides learning opportunities for children


By Kayla Tucker – Editor-in-Chief

Several guests from C.A. Frost Environmental Science Academy’s Student Council observed Thursday’s Student Alliance meeting at Grand Rapids Community College. The students plan to take away ideas to apply to their student government.

“We came here to get a vision of how meetings are (run),” said Baron Smith, Dean of Students at C.A. Frost and adviser of the student council. “This is our first year and (the students) just wanted to see how it ran and get some feedback and get some ideas from GRCC.”

Smith said the council, comprised of 17 sixth through ninth graders, plans to visit other colleges and high schools as well.

“They’re doing an awesome job, they’re working together,” Smith said. “I know people are not used to having the sixth grade in the student council but with them being in the building I think that they should have a voice.”

Ninth grader Afton Glynn, President of the C.A. Frost Student Council said she was glad the students got the opportunity to sit in today’s meeting.

“We’re going to bring this back to the rest of our members to get more of a variety of ways to run our council,” said 14-year-old Glynn. “I think if you care about your school, you should want to be on student council. If you care about what the kids want in your school then you should want to be a leader and help others and help the school.”

Glynn said she one day wants to attend Harvard and become a lawyer.

The council’s secretary Vered Heidenfeld, 11, said sometimes the council meetings take away from class time, but she was okay with that.

“(Today’s meeting) showed us what we should do to get better and helped us figure out what we should keep doing and not keep doing,” Heidenfeld said. She hopes to eventually pursue a career in writing.

This fall, C.A. Frost is planning to expand to a high school. Currently, the school offers pre-kindergarten through ninth grade education. The council is considering a split into a middle school council and high school council.

In other news, Business Professor Eric Williams and Director of the GRCC Diversity Learning Center Chris Arnold presented the survey and its data to the student leaders.

“I thought (the presentation) was very informative,” said GRCC student Jacqueline Lopez, 19, of Grand Rapids. “I didn’t really know about these things so it was nice to learn.”

Students seeking counseling can visit the GRCC Counseling and Career Center, where counselors are not only available for academic advice, but are trained counselors as well.

A trailer of “The Hunting Ground” was shown and Arnold said she was looking to host a screening of the movie on campus.

“Take action,“ said Evan Macklin, adviser of Student Alliance, to the student leaders on inclusion. “We all as leaders need to step up and do some more.”







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