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Police Reports 1/21



  • At 11:33 a.m. Jan 14, a student went to the Grand Rapids Community College Police Department to report theft of his jacket from men’s locker room at the Ford Fieldhouse. He stated that at 10:05 a.m. he placed his jacket in a locker, with no lock on it. Upon returning at 11:25 a.m., he discovered that his jacket was missing. His other items were not disturbed. The officer gave the student his business card and instructed  him to call the police department if he sees an individual wearing his jacket. Numerous males were observed entering the locker room, some used their RaiderCard to scan in, others did not. The officer did not observe anyone wearing the jacket. There are no suspects at this time.


  • At 12:55 p.m. on Jan 18, an officer was dispatched to the Ford Fieldhouse. At the scene, the officer met with the victim, who stated that while using the women’s restroom in the women’s student locker room, she cut her hand on a stall door. The student explained that on the door of the center stall it appeared that where a coat hanger would be, it had been removed. She cut her hand on the sharp metal of the door, sustaining a two-inch cut across the palm of her right hand. She refused medical attention and transport and minor first aid was given on the scene to stop bleeding. GRCC facilities employees were contacted and arrived to repair the door.
  • An officer was dispatched to Cook building room 318 for medical reasons at 11:29 a.m. on Jan. 18. When the officer arrived, there was no one in the room by the name he was given. Officer checked room 318 of Main building as well, but did not find the student. The officer requested dispatch to look up student in Peoplesoft. Dispatched inform the officer that the student was in room 218 of Cook building. The officer responded to the correct room as student was leaving. The officer apologized for the confusion. Symptoms of nausea and faintness were confirmed by officer. The student believed she had the flu and refused medical attention. She stated that she was going to have another GRCC student take her home. The officer advised her that if medical attention was needed, she should contact GRCC police department.

Damage to Property

  • At 7:48 a.m. on Jan 18 an officer was dispatched to a property damage complaint at GRCC’s College Park Plaza building. The complaint was filed by GRCC facilities. At the scene, the officer witnessed a graffiti tag “BPGE” written in turquoise marker. The graffiti was on the entrance gate of college park plaza entrance ramp. GRCC facilities will be contacted for clean up. The case is closed.
  • An officer was dispatched to a complaint about damage to the Lyon St. parking ramp at 8:04 a.m., Jan.18.  When the officer arrived at the scene, graffiti was discovered. A large A with some additional letters that the officer was unable to identify were written in black spray paint. The damage occurred sometime between 3 p.m., Jan 15  and 7 a.m. Jan. 18. The officer took photographs of the damage. The images were emailed to GRCC facilities. The case is closed because there are no suspects.
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