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Police Reports – 1/28


Personal Assistance

At 10:35 a.m. Jan. 26, a Grand Rapids Community College student came to the GRCC police department to claim a lost cell phone. Dispatch notified an officer that the student was acting strange. The department did not have the cell phone the student was looking for. An officer responded to dispatch to talk with the student, while another officer had already sent the student to an interview room. The original officer spoke with the student when he arrived and noticed the student was being fidgety. He asked the student what was going on and the student said he wanted to harm himself. The officer asked why and the student replied that he wasn’t feeling well. The student was asked if he had tried to harm himself before and the student said he had. The officer asked how and the student said that he would cut himself, motioning to his wrist.

Throughout conversation, the student was showing a lot of different emotions. At one point, he stood up as if to attack the officer. The officer said he was not there to fight him. The student then sat down and continued talking about harming himself. He was told that he might be put in handcuffs. The student said he would attack the officer if they tried to handcuff him. The officer asked if the student was on medication and the student said he was on Norco, a painkiller, as well as taking multiple different pills, but did not specify what the pills were for. Throughout the interview, the officer observed the student’s behavior as erratic. The student said he was seeing a counselor at GRCC. The officer contacted the Counseling and Career Center to see if the student could be connected with his counselor and the counseling center confirmed the student had interacted with an academic counselor. The student agreed to see a doctor to help evaluate his condition. The officer then contacted an AMR ambulance who responded to the scene and transported the student to Butterworth Hospital. The report will be forwarded to the Behavioral Intervention Team on campus for possible follow up. The case is closed.

Damage to Property

At 7:32 a.m. Jan. 21, a GRCC student came to GRCC police department to report damage to his bicycle. The student told the department that on Jan. 20, he parked his bike on the fourth floor of the Main Building just inside the crosswalk to the Bostwick parking ramp. The student stated that an officer spoke with him on that date about not having his bike in the building and moving it outside. The officer had advised the student to move his bike to an outside location by GRCC Library.

The student told the police department that he thinks the damage to his bicycle is because he is transgender and he believes someone is specifically targeting him. He said his tires have been flattened before, but there was a hole that went through his tire tube, which was not like the previous times. He said he took his bike to a local bike shop to receive repairs. The student asked if there were any bike lockers on campus and officer told him there were not. The officer explained to him there were no bike racks on campus that have surveillance cameras. The officer advised the student to randomly change his location of where he puts his bike if he feels someone is targeting him. There are no known suspects or witnesses at this time. This report will be closed with no further action.

Disorderly Conduct

At 7:20 p.m. Jan. 4, an officer was in the north end of the balcony located in the Ford Fieldhouse Gymnasium. The officer was monitoring the crowd before the start of the men’s basketball game when he heard a commotion in the southern direction of his location and observed two women actively fighting each other and other individuals attempting to separate them. The officer immediately alerted dispatch to the situation and went to the incident. When the officer arrived at the scene, the two women had already been separated. The officer made contact with the first suspect, while the second suspect was walking down the bleachers.

Before leaving the stadium, the officer told the second suspect not to leave. The officer advised the responding units that the second suspect had walked out of the arena with help from other individuals. The officer then started speaking with the first suspect, who is not a GRCC student. The officer noticed that she had a large bleeding knot on her forehead above her left eye at the hairline.  The suspect stated that the other suspect hit her first to which the officer asked who she was. The officer was told the other girl’s name and that she used to date the first suspect’s boyfriend, but she did not know what started the fight. The officer offered the first suspect an ambulance. She declined.

The officer then escorted her to the training room to receive a bag of ice for her injuries, which later helped the swelling go down and stop the bleeding. The officer asked the first suspect if she wanted to press charges, and she said she did not wish to pursue the incident any further. The officer then got into contact with the second suspect who explained that she was the one who was attacked first and that she had been harassed on social media by the first suspect. The officer asked the second suspect if she could provide evidence of the harassment, and she said she could. The officer advised the second suspect that when she decides to visit GRCC, it should be to either enroll in classes, or talk to an admissions counselor. No charges are being pressed. The case is closed.

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