By Nikki Herrmann – Collegiate Staff

Display Magazine is a publication that showcases the talent of student artists and writers at Grand Rapids Community College.

The publication accepts submissions from all student poets, writers, artists, photographers and graphic designers. The deadline to submit work to Display is March 10 for spring submissions.

“This magazine serves the purpose of letting students publish their work, and building confidence within the students,” said Sean Mackey, one of two faculty advisers for the magazine.

Students may submit their work for the magazine through their instructors.

“Most Display submissions are class assignments from the current semester and must be work from a GRCC art class,” said Robert Fraser, a student editor.

GRCC students enter pieces into the magazine and wait to hear  whether or not their piece will be published in the magazine, while a team of seven editors from the English department decide which work will be published. Three editors select poetry, three choose the essays and one is the publication editor who is more of a behind-the-scenes worker and focuses on deadlines set and keeping everything within the magazine on track.

Mackey is the faculty advisor of written entries for the magazine, and Robin Van Rooyen faculty member and advisor of the art entries.

“I think students are given a sense of pride in their work when their art is selected for Display,” Fraser said.  “There are a lot of potential submissions each semester and there’s only room in Display for a small portion of them.”

“GRCC is very rich with talent,”  Mackey said. The magazine creates an artistic and open way of showing other students at GRCC just how talented their fellow classmates and friends are.