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CAB to host Valentine’s Day event on Thursday in Raider Grille

Photo by Jacquelyn Zeman
Cupcakes from 2014’s Valentine’s Day event. Jacquelyn Zeman | The Collegiate

By Jasiel Ochoa-Mendoza – Collegiate Staff

The Grand Rapids Community College Campus Activities Board is offering students the chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a free event from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Feb. 11 in the Raider Grille.

CAB will be providing cupcakes and pink lemonade to fit the theme of the holiday. Any student or staff member can participate and bring a guest with them, but they must have their RaiderCard to swipe for the food line. This allows CAB to keep track of attendance and plan for the future.

“The (CAB) executive board decided that we wanted to do the ‘stuff-a-plush’ event again since it was such a big hit last year,” said CAB Vice President Ruben Resendiz. “So the only things we had to plan for was how many plush animals to order and what food we wanted to offer.”

Over 400 people attended last year’s Valentine’s Day event.

While planning this event, CAB had to recruit enough volunteers to keep up with the business.

“We also hope that they will always be looking forward to attending CAB’s events in the future and hopefully some students will want to get involved with joining the club as well,” Resendiz said.

GRCC student Leo Vallejo said he is excited to attend his first college event.

“It’s pretty exciting that I can attend, since I am dual enrolled so technically I’m not a full college student, but it’s cool that I can go to these types of events,” Vallejo said.

CAB is also co sponsoring a dance for Friday, Feb. 12 with the Hispanic Student Organization and the Asian Student Union. The clubs are planning to provide sandwiches and yard games. The dance will be open to all GRCC students with a RaiderCard, and they are allowed to bring one guest who does not have to be a GRCC student.

“The point of this event is to give the students that extra celebration to get students to get together, not work, and give the campus a sense of welcoming,” said Anna Dudzik, one of the vice presidents for CAB.

The dance will take place 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, Feb. 12 in the Raider Grille.