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Michigan voter registration deadline is Feb. 8


By Chris Yang – Collegiate Staff

With President Obama’s second term coming to a close, America is once again gearing up for election season, and the deadline to register to vote is Feb. 8, with Michigan’s open primary voting scheduled for March 8.

To register, prospective voters must confirm that they are qualified to vote and complete a simple registration process either online from Michigan’s official government website or in person from any state sponsored locations.

Completing the registration process can be done by mail, or by registering in person at any county, city or township clerk’s office, or by visiting any Secretary of State office.

Voters are required to present proper photo identification, such as a Michigan’s driver’s license or government issued identification card, before voting.

According to Secretary of State spokesperson Fred Woodham, “students can use their official school ID for identification, too.”

Signing an affidavit form at the voting site will also grant access to voting rights.

Recent studies of the 2012 election have shown that the Americans are displaying a less-than enthusiastic involvement in politics, with an estimated 67 percent voter registration rate among those that are eligible to do so, and even less active amount of actual voter turnout, around 58 percent of total eligible voters.

College age voters are even less active, with 52 percent of all college-level students registered to vote and only 24 percent actually voting, according to a 2012 study from the United States Census Bureau.

The state of Michigan last tallied a 63 percent voter turnout, according to 2012’s headcount of votes for the general election from the official Secretary of State.

“The state of Michigan currently has 7.27 million registered voters,” Woodham said.

Surveys from the official United States Census Bureau report that in 2014, the most common reasons for not voting are conflicting schedules and unavailability to participate in voting, with the second reason being that voters are simply uninterested in taking part of the process.

Discounting those that are even eligible, a near third of the American people are still unregistered to vote. Many of which give the reason that they are unsure how to register for voting.

Despite this inactivity, the 2012 elections showed all the difference and the importance of every vote, when President Obama beat out opponent Mitt Romney, with a close 4 percent differential in electoral votes.


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